Welcome to Kathika

Kathika is a one-of-a-kind Museum and Cultural Center situated in the historic neighbourhood of Kucha Pati Ram in Sita Ram Bazar, Old Delhi. Its endeavour is to promote and celebrate the vibrant living cultures of Delhi.

The museum is housed in two 19th-century adjacent Havelis that have been lovingly preserved and equipped. The Havelis offer exclusive spaces for performing arts, workshops, screenings, culinary experiences, photography, and heritage baithaks. The collection at Kathika includes archival photographs, decorative arts, textiles and crafts.

Visitors can learn about the city’s rich history and cultural traditions through interactive displays, multimedia exhibits, and live demonstrations.

Our Story

A Restoration from the Heart

The captivating journey of Kathika began in 2015 when our founder, Atul khanna, came across a newspaper article detailing the unfortunate neglect of this late 19th century architectural gem. This Museum Haveli, which once belonged to the Kashmiri Pandits, is a testament to the late Mughal Era that embodies the essence of a period spanning from 1800 to 1860. The Haveli was found in a dilapidated condition and brought forward the deteriorating condition of the havelis in Old Delhi. Mr. Atul Khanna, a Heritage Conservationist and a patron of Art and Culture, was driven by his deep passion for Indian Heritage and Culture and took up the responsibility of restoring these havelis to their former glory.




Kathika Museum Haveli

Kathika, a unique museum-haveli in Old Delhi, that takes on the role of a storyteller, breathing life into the captivating tales of cultural history and celebrating heritage in the vicinity of Kucha Pati Ram . Run by the Kathika Trust, it showcases the restoration of architectural treasures and a commitment to adaptive reuse and sustainable development. The Haveli, a combination of art and architecture, houses a collection of everyday artefacts and artistic treasures from Atul Khanna's personal collection. Visitors can also access a curated library to learn more about Delhi's enchanting narratives.

The Kathika Museum provides an insight into the architectural marvel of the Havelis of Old Delhi and also exhibits a collections of Archival Photographs, Decorative Arts, Paintings and Handicrafts of Old Delhi that tell the story of the medieval ages and the lifestyle of the people of Purani Dilli .

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Archival Photographs

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Decorative Arts

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Vintage Collectibles

Neem Ki Haveli

Neem ki Haveli, an early 19th-century residential space near Kucha Pati Ram, was restored by Kathika founder Atul Khanna in 2015 after being dilapidated. The Haveli features a neem tree in its courtyard, flanked by small rooms and kothris on both sides, and a mixed architectural vocabulary, influenced by Delhi's late medieval period and British sensibilities. The Haveli retains echoes of the past while welcoming visitors into its serene atmosphere.

Neem Ki Haveli Gallery


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