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Kathika Trust

The Kathika Cultural Centre run by the Kathika Trust, is situated in Old Delhi and is a unique museum-like haveli where we celebrate art and culture. The trust is dedicated to preserving and promoting art and culture, with a particular focus on the traditional art of Kathak. It plays a pivotal role in reviving and celebrating this rich cultural heritage, offering exhibitions, workshops, and classes to engage the public in the art form. The trust's efforts contribute to the conservation and dissemination of traditional Indian dance and music, making it a significant cultural institution in the region.

Our other Projects

Shekhawati Revival Project

To safeguard the heritage of the land of Shekhawati, Mr. Atul Khanna, an entrepreneur and heritage conservationist has been working in the region relentlessly for over a decade and recently he formalised his efforts under Shekha- a group of institutions run by the Kathika Trust. Sustainable and adaptive reuse of heritage being central to Shekha’s vision, it aims to restore the Shekhawati Heritage and create awareness about the same.

Community Outreach Program

An initiative by Kathika Cultural Centre spearheaded by the Kathika Trust, designed to engage and connect with communities, Children and other different audience to discuss on topics of Indian Culture, current affairs, and addressing different needs of the communities and societies.

Support Us

Kathika Cultural Centre would like you to join us and be a part of our journey. You can show us support by being part of our exciting cultural events. You can also contribute to the Kathika Cultural Trust with your voluntary donations, so we can continue to work towards creating more awareness about Delhi’s rich history, heritage, and cultural traditions and keep hosting specially curated events for all to enjoy.